Why There Are People Who Wants To Destroy Historical Sites?

Why some people wants to destroy historical sites?

In everyone’s life there are good memories and bad memories. In most cases, people who remember good memories cherish those memories. If places are part of good memories, they remain in our imagination and many times you wish to see the same place to reminisce the past.

On the other hand, part of our lives are bad memories. In those cases you often try to erase your bad memories by destroying artifacts and places that are part of the bad experiences. It is like a bad dream and you never want to remember it.

Why Do Leaders Allow Destroying Historical Places?

There are those leaders of the organization who allow destroying historical places because they hate them or because they think they are not part of their religion. ISIS destroyed several ancient places like

  • Nimrud – A city in the Assyrian kingdom, which flourished between 900 and 612 B.C.
  • Khorsabad – Assyrian King Sargon II built a palace at Khorsabad between 717 and 706 B.C. The Oriental Institute says that “Khorsabad is unusual among the Assyrian palaces because of its stylistic innovations, the preservation of paint on its reliefs, and the extensive ancient written documentation concerning the organization of the building project. “
  • Mosul Museum – Mosul Museum held 173 original pieces of antiquity and large statues from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hatra as well as artifacts from the archaeological sites of the governorate of Ninevah.
  • Mosul Library – The library’s collection reportedly included 18th-century manuscripts and Ottoman-era books.
  • Hatra – Established by the successors of Alexander the Great and dating back to 300 B.C., Hatra became the capital of what some believe to be an early Arab kingdom ruled by the Parthian Empire that also included the fabled city of Petra in Jordan.

Why ISIS destroyed historical sites? In a commentary for CNN, Cornell University archaeologist and classicist Sturt W. Manning wrote that such destruction spoke of “the human folly and senseless violence that drives ISIS. The terror group is destroying the evidence of the great history of Iraq; it has to, as this history attests to a rich alternative to its barbaric nihilism.

For the ISIS group, there seem to be a bad memories of the past and so they want to destroy evidences of those memories.

Destroying Historical House and Memory Of Ka Erdy Manalo at 36 Tandang Sora

Sometime on or before May 29, 2016, the residence of the late Brother Erano G. Manalo was reduced to rubble. Who would do such a thing for the leader of the Church for 46 years? What are their motives? What is it really that they want to destroy? What ever it is, likely not a good memory of someone who has the power to order the destruction of such a historical place for the Church and its members.

Let us read the bible.

Proverbs 10:7, NKJV – 7The memory of the righteous is blessed,
But the name of the wicked will rot.