Learning The Bible

The Science of Interpreting the Bible
The Mystery of the Gospel Has Been Revealed
Test The Spirits If They Are Of God

About The Last Days

The Two Ages In The Bible
The Last Days In The Bible
The End Of The Age: The Questions and Signs
The End Of The Age: The Fulfillment
The End Of The Age: The Day Of The Lord
The End Of The Age: The Completion Of All Prophesies
Living in the New Heavens and New Earth
Who is Revelation Written To And Why?
Who is the Beast 666 In the Revelation?


The Second Elijah
No Third Elijah
The Role of John The Baptist
Baptism By Water or By Holy Spirit

Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) Topics

The 26 Doctrinal Lessons Of The Iglesia Ni Cristo
The INC Teachings Regarding The Mystery Of The Bible
The Ten Commandments of The Church Of Christ
The Promise To Those Who Are Afar Off

Old Articles

How Can We Recognize Bad Church Leaders?
Should We Obey Our Leaders and Submit To Them Without Questions?
The Many Different Offerings Inside The Church of Christ – Part 1
The Many Different Offerings Inside The Church of Christ – Part 2
If Far East Is Archaic, Is INC Doctrine On Isaiah 43:5-6 Still Valid?
Calling A Bird of Prey From The East

Is The First World War Really Started on July 27, 1914?
If The Lamsa Bible was Released in 1933, Did INC Use Acts 20:28 From 1914?
Is It True FYM Declared Himself As A Messenger Only in 1922?
Is Isaiah 43:5-6 ‘far east’ Refers to the Far East?

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